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PFBC Trap Net Locations

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has contact us to help them share with our members a new method of communicating to the public the location of the PFBC trap nets used in the PFBC research an the Commercial nets. Below is an excerpt of the message sent to us and the information the provided.

"This gives you the location of each pot and the direction of the lead to the next pot. This will drastically improve navigation and safety on Lake Erie. The map is correct but will give you a general idea of where the trap nets are, you will then be able to click on, or hover over, the red squares and it will give you exact coordinates to plug into your plotters. As nets are removed and moved I will send out this exact same email to inform you all as it happens because it may take a day to update the map. I hope everyone finds this helpful for their summer of boating."
The map can be located at :
PFBC Trap Net Locations Map
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