The EPSFA was formed to educate, enhance and protect the sport fishing in Pennsylvania, especially in Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay and its tributaries. To that end, we have established goals which we believe will define our organization’s activities by their significant diversity.

We welcome and invite you!

Our Goals

  • To achieve unity with the other active groups, clubs and associations in the Erie County area. We feel that through partnership we can achieve our ultimate mission, protecting and enhancing our sport fishery.
  • To create an open forum for the individual to discuss their views and fishing interests.
  • To protect the fish stocks and resources related to the fisheries.
  • To create competitive and educational fishing opportunities in the Erie Area for both amateur and professional fisherpersons fishing for steelhead, walleye.
  • To create a public voice with the PA Fish and Boat Commission and with our legislative representatives.
  • To promote the cooperation of clubs and associations throughout Lake Erie.
  • To create links within our website to other helpful and informative resources.
  • To communicate with local government and agencies such as the DEP and Coast Guard.
  • To promote the stocking of a wider variety of fish species, and to help monitor fish stocking.
  • To obtain an increased Brown Trout stocking program.

We recognize that many of these goals overlap with other groups and want to acknowledge the time and effort our fishing community has contributed to these efforts. We are excited about joining forces with these groups while expanding the areas of contributions.

While it is fairly simple to list goals an organization has come together to achieve, it is another matter to gain these goals. Here, then, are some of the activities we plan which we feel will help to meet the goals:

  • Annual Fishing Tournaments
  • Regular meetings and community presentations featuring fishing programming
  • A very informative and easy to use website which will feature:
    • A fishing message board, items for sale, general discussion and information, statistical reporting on fish catches. Club support of our fisheries through donations to clubs and organizations that are working to preserve and protect our sport.

Our focus on Erie’s fishery will be eclipsed only by our commitment to the anglers who enjoy it. We can help to ensure that we maintain our world class sport fishery through our strength in numbers. By becoming a member, you will enjoy the many benefits our association offers while ensuring our organization is strong and influential.

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